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One can draw a sketch on paint without expertise. You may not find anyone who’s not an expert of web development and render you web development services with professional insight. AgileTech Studio brings website development solution for businesses and individuals that seek specialist services for their internet projects.

A script that brings performance and does not lag on any of the devices nor browsers is a thing which only a professional web development service can bring. Developing code for website, programming on your favorite framework and doing it like a pro is a job AgileTech Studio sets as its objective. We keep a team of enthusiasts that not only design a flawless website for you, but they manage the parameters as such you will always rely on. Secure, user-friendly, and bug free web applications are always deserved by ones who choose AgileTech Studio.

CUSTOMIZED Web Development

Most of our customers come to us with a personalized demand and need a web application or website which is tailored to their brand. This usually involves custom design; a website with their brand colors, and custom functionalities; an application with functions particular to a business. These tasks are often taken care of as they can deliver an impressive user experience and bring efficiency to a business system. For instance, an enterprise resource management system involves a good amount of skills of a web developer so that he has certainly gained a good understanding of the working principle of the business. A custom website when developed with perfect script truly stands-off from others in the performance. From page loading time to the pixel perfect layout, everything is simply incredible. With just the cost of your favorite developer’s cup of coffee, you can manage a custom developed website.


Responsive Website Design

Website which adopts to your device specifications and operating system environment is a necessary niche. This function helps in delivering pixel-perfect layout and a remarkable user experience which helps bringing conversion. A web development company who is freshie in their skills will not bother to check for responsive design. Moreover, there would be backend hidden scripts that would be hiding ugly layout. Developers who are experts in professional web development services avoid at the first step in such areas. They start working with a seamless code and end with that. Relevant media coding and applying minimal cascade style sheets in a manner that everything at your website would be just awesome.

CMS based Website Development

A feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) enables novice users to handle and manage their website content with ease. Its sole purpose is to work with codes at the framework level and let the user change the contents without dealing with the code itself. However, it may require some basic knowledge of the web elements, most users can update the contents of their website with a CMS without any advanced skills. Modifying major features with a CMS like page content including pictures, slideshows, icons, and text is as simple as in Microsoft Word these days. Moreover, CMS offers a lot of other functionalities like modularity with various plugins and extensions, WYSIWYG page builder, personalization with themes or templates, user grouping and monitoring over a good customer relationship management.

Some of the leading Content Management Systems include very known WordPress, Woocommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, SilverStripe, ModX, Typo3 and there is a long list continued. They have offered their followers a great deal of user-friendliness and effortlessness. There are some limitations with a CMS but on the other side, their advantages have overwhelmed all restrictions.

AgileTech Studio delivers CMS based website development services at an amazing cost of your investment with which every visitor of your website is transformed to the customer.


E-Commerce Website Development

With an amazing trend in ecommerce innovation and business’s reliance on it to expedite growth, E-commerce has become a necessity. In the prevailing tradition of ecommerce websites, some of the E-Commerce management systems have gained widespread popularity, namely; Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, OpenCart. Ecommerce website development is a next-level to ordinary Content Management Systems like WordPress. Organizing blogs with CMS is a thing which novice user can handle. Ecommerce Website Development will occasionally require the help of a professional developer or a website development company to get the stuff straight. You might get stuck in issues if your code is not streamlined. There are many scripts running in the background for instance product filters, attributes, images, SEO tags and a lot of other things running simultaneously on an Ecommerce website. Only an Ecommerce website development company can render a bug free website like a pro. Find out how AgileTech Studio will go along with your project of Ecommerce Website Development.

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