Amongst the popular ones, WordPress has gained far more popularity than any other CMS over the internet. According to a report, almost 30% of the websites run on WordPress, is still rising, and its story of popularity goes on. The reason being its user-friendliness and easy to understand user-interface. But as this platform is rapidly growing, it is becoming an attention seeker to cyber-criminals and their research in finding security loopholes is also advancing. Daily a significant number of WordPress Websites are compromised and until 2012 only, 170,000 websites were targeted alone. The same source states that the majority of them are being infected due to insecure services of hosting provider. Hence a huge number of people are worried about WORDPRESS SECURITY.

The most useful feature of WordPress is the ample availability of wide-range plugins which helps to bring a variety of features in just a few clicks. As many of these plugins are being developed by fresh-in-field coders, chances are great that they may have the risk that could be exploited by cybercriminals. Additionally, many themes are being developed and rolled out without being checked for their protection against malware and vulnerabilities. Hence you can be easily targeted by any of the automated attacks running in the network.

Since WordPress Security is becoming essential nowadays, AgileTech Studio is also growing its role in providing WordPress Security. TricaGuard is offering premium and comprehensive approach to WORDPRESS SECURITY. Our primary objective is to bring the benefits of a wonderful CMS keeping you safe from all its vulnerabilities.

As demonstrated before, the majority of the websites are becoming a target due to unsecured Web Hosting servers. You need to choose wisely before selecting a hosting provider. For a complete safeguard against these risks, it is highly advised that you choose TricaGuard WORDPRESS SECURITY along with AgileTech Studio hosting plans so you need not worry about anything. Good things often come in the bundled package, so AgileTech Studio delivers this premium package at affordable rates.

Whether you are intending to subscribe for TricaGuard – WordPress Security services for a pre-planned protection, or to resolve existing infections to your WordPress website, TricaGuard WordPress Security team has got your back. Our goal is to make you feel 100% secure and bring peace of mind through our sincere efforts towards your WordPress Security. You don’t need to hunt for tips and lengthy guides anymore. Appoint our expert team to look at these critical issues. Our protection space is not limited and your WordPress website is secure everywhere. Order for WORDPRESS SECURITY now and get rid of all troubles.


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How will TricaGuard protect with WordPress Security.?


  • Maintenance through regular WordPress updates

  • Regular Monitoring of New WordPress Plugins

  • Reliability checks of New & Existing Plugins

  • Addition of Secure Socket Layer to Main Domain and all sub-domains

  • Strengthening of WordPress Administration page security

  • Updates for your WordPress Plugins

  • Denial of Access to critical directories of WordPress

  • Installation of WordPress Security plugins

  • Hide your WordPress properties that could be useful to hackers

  • Deny unnecessary access to WordPress Plugins

  • Regular testings for WordPress Security issues

  • 24/7/365 helpline Support for Security issues

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • and much more….


Break-through access to root files & confidential data

Virus and Malware

Damaged WordPress Directory

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